On The Road Again

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Work Travelpalooza is in week 5 which means I am Vancouver-bound. While I am so excited to be in one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people, Luna Bell staged a protest promptly after I finished packing last night. So much coming and going these days…and we haven’t even told her we’re moving yet. Yikes.

Off to the land of yoga, sushi, mountains, city and sea! If only all work trips could be like this…

Tuesday Brain Dump

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I am smack dab in the middle of what I consider busy season in my job. I love the work I do and I am so lucky to do it and I genuinely forgot to shower today. And eat yesterday until 3pm. And have been consistently having work dreams for about 3 weeks, to the point where Ryan says I have been mumbling about emails in my sleep.

So there’s that.

I think it’s a good thing though, being so consumed with work, in terms of wedding planning. I’ve heard women say how when they got engaged, all they did at work was look at Pinterest and want to wedding plan. 1) I still think Pinterest is ridiculous and is breeding ground for copycats and unoriginality and 2) since my work time is my work time, my time to think wedding is so concentrated and separate that it’s fun and really efficient. This is another conversation for another time but in the last year or so, I’ve developed a zero-tolerance policy for when something doesn’t feel like a good fit or I am not being treated well and that includes wedding venues sooooo we made a switcheroo. People weren’t rocking our world at the original place we chose and there’s a new place in town with killer river views…done and done. Our 5 prong filter is working and once we secure a location for the ceremony, we’re in pretty good shape for awhile. #naptime

Luna Bell loves sitting on whatever magazine/iPad/important document you have been looking at but I think she especially loves blocking wedding magazines.

Oh and I got a FitBit and am OBSESSED.

That pretty much sums up my life right now- work, wedding, LB sitting on stuff, FitBit. I am going to try to not be such a deadbeat blogger now.

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Derby Me

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Ryan is going to the Kentucky Derby in a few weeks with some buddies and to show his excitement, this little nugget of Derby Day joy showed up in my inbox today.

Yes, that is Luna Bell’s little kitty head on the body of a jockey. And victory is, apparently, hers.


(Image via the DerbyMe app)

Giving Thanks Week 7

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42. David’s Tea A walk up to the Lincoln Park location this afternoon procured me tins of Coco Chai Rooibos and Forever Nuts. I already cannot wait to wake up tomorrow morning.


43. Balloons. Festive, underrated, orbital vessels of cheer. Big fan.


44. Luna Bell. The best (furry) little friend in the world.


45. Twitter In 140 characters or less, I combined my love of history with politics and a ridiculous song and got a response from the historic Willard Hotel. The Internet is amazing.

46. Friends. There is not enough gratitude in the world for the remarkable women in my life who show me such love, grace and support.

47. Sunshine. Chicago winters get long; sunshine helps.

48. Baking. There’s something reassuring and calming about following directions and getting an (edible) end result.

A Week in Highlights

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Hi there, deadbeat blogger here.  An update on what’s been going on.

  • Luna Bell has gotten even weirder lately.  She is exhibiting a deep commitment to family time- as I am posting this, it’s Ryan on the iPad, me on the laptop and LB, all sitting in a line on the couch.  I bet she would be in the iPod Touch if she could, just to be a part of the gang…
  • I got an iPad.  I am not entirely sure what it does yet but I love it.  I mean, c’mon- the Christmas countdown app makes the purchase nearly pay for itself!
  • Michigan State beat Michigan.  In football.  For the 4th straight year.  Click here if you want to fist pump along with me.  (Sidebar: I take this game way too seriously but winning just feels. so.  GOOD.)
  • Made a trip to Michigan this past weekend for a wedding.  There was a ridiculously amazing dessert bar and this:

DUELLING PIANOS!  Best idea in the history of weddings, right?!?  I mean, don’t threaten a girl with dancing AND a sing-a-long– I will step up to the plate.

Hope you all had stunning fall weekends- it really has been October at its finest, hasn’t it?