A Week in Highlights

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Hi there, deadbeat blogger here.  An update on what’s been going on.

  • Luna Bell has gotten even weirder lately.  She is exhibiting a deep commitment to family time- as I am posting this, it’s Ryan on the iPad, me on the laptop and LB, all sitting in a line on the couch.  I bet she would be in the iPod Touch if she could, just to be a part of the gang…
  • I got an iPad.  I am not entirely sure what it does yet but I love it.  I mean, c’mon- the Christmas countdown app makes the purchase nearly pay for itself!
  • Michigan State beat Michigan.  In football.  For the 4th straight year.  Click here if you want to fist pump along with me.  (Sidebar: I take this game way too seriously but winning just feels. so.  GOOD.)
  • Made a trip to Michigan this past weekend for a wedding.  There was a ridiculously amazing dessert bar and this:

DUELLING PIANOS!  Best idea in the history of weddings, right?!?  I mean, don’t threaten a girl with dancing AND a sing-a-long– I will step up to the plate.

Hope you all had stunning fall weekends- it really has been October at its finest, hasn’t it?

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