Thanksgiving Prep

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This picture sums up what is on the agenda/how we are preparing for our holiday weekend. Wine. Cat. Snuggles. Repeat.

Ryan and I are spending Thanksgiving just the two of us in Chicago and I am excitedx1000 to spend a few days relaxing, cooking and being together in our home base after a busy month of travel. Oh and heading down to the Christkindlmarket on Thanksgiving morning to choose a new ornament for our tree.

Safe travels to all who are hitting the road today!

Wrigley Weekend

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The difference of a day at Wrigley Field.

The top photo was Saturday’s storm that had us evacuated from behind the scoreboard (tall metal object? I get it), the bottom photo was Sunday’s gorgeous 80 degree day. 2 days, 2
Cubs wins, 1 with Baltimore friends who came in to root on their Orioles, the other with Chicago friends who, like me, were shocked to see the Cubs sweep all 3 games. It also settled the disagreement over what shirt my sweet husband should have worn to the game(s). It’s safe to say his Baltimore shirts will not be leaving the closet any time soon. Thank god.

It felt like we lived at Wrigley last weekend but I must say…it’s really one of my favorite places to be. 3 hour torrential downpour or not.


Peace. Love. Wine. Whiskey.

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With every dinner, holiday and party hosted in our new(ish) condo, the more it feels like home. We had a Holiday Open House last night and I don’t know if it was our fully decked halls, the roaring fire in the fireplace, the bourbon cider punch Ryan made or that so many of our nearest and dearest showed up to celebrate the season but this place we have lived in for 3 months finally feels like home. The neighborhood that took so long for me to adjust to finally feels like somewhere I love being. I went to get takeout from a nearby bar today (see aforementioned bourbon cider punch- mama needed tots in a big way today) and it was so crisp and clear and silent out. It felt so great and the sight of the garland and bows wrapping each light pole was enough to make me a little teary. This move was what was right for our little family and I am so happy that it honestly feels like that now.

Related: happiness is also this cookie. An Oreo wrapped in a chocolate chip cookie hug. I mean, stop, right? Our friend Erin made them and brought a beautiful tin of them as a hostess gift…in other news, Erin is welcome in our home anytime.


Fingers Crossed

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We put an offer in on a condo this weekend. It’s amazing and exciting and also makes us want to throw up. I always thought that when I went to buy a house, it would be all “Here’s my money” and the owners would go “omg, thank you Nina!” and that would be that. Instead, there’s competition, offer deadlines and waiting on pins and needles to see if this dream home, a place where we can see ourselves putting down long term roots, is really going to become ours.

Ryan and I got home after our millionth walk this evening (sitting still is impossible!) and I had received this picture in a text from my Dad. He and my step-mom literally have their fingers crossed for good news for us and I received similar sentiments from my mom and best friends today. It’s pretty awesome to know that condo or no condo, we have people in our corner rooting for us. It’s actually better than getting the house- we have our home team and that makes us the luckiest people in the world.

However, if we DO get the condo, we can invite everyone to uncross their fingers and come over to our bamf new rooftop deck for celebratory bubbly. Just sayin’.