A Review: Momotaro

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Every time I ask anyone if they have been to Momotaro, I get the same reaction: Make a reservation, go as soon as you can. I don’t take culinary dares lightly so a reservation was procured and a month later, our table was ready.

They were so right.

And you know who else was right? Our server. Thank goodness for her expert guidance because the Momotaro menu is extensive. We pointed out a few things we knew we wanted (raw tuna anything, short ribs) but for the most part, we opted for more of an omakase approach: respectfully leaving to another to decide what’s best (i.e. the faroe islands salmon, the bbq eel rice, and heaven help me if that piece of squid nigiri wasn’t the best thing on earth).

Everything last detail of Momotaro is meticulous, from the plating to the decor to how they prepare the food. There are several kitchens: one¬†for wood-fired dishes, and the sushi bar that is the centerpiece of the dining room, letting you see the chefs at work. The hallway to the restroom features a mural with close to a million ink strokes. And back to the food- if serving steak on it’s own personal grill atop a banana leaf isn’t detail oriented, I don’t know what is.

momotaro steak

Let’s just say this wagyu striploin officially made me someone who enjoys red meat. Cooked to perfection, just under the medium rare we requested,¬†allowing for it to cook just a teeny bit further on the charcoal grill it arrived on.

Beyond being one of the best meals we have ever eaten, the entire evening was an experience and really, a whole lot of fun. It wasn’t a special occasion but by the time we left (2+ hours later!) it felt like it had been.

Momotaro Kitchen

2 Observations

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I have been in LA for around 5 hours and I have 2 observations.

1- The West Coast has ruined me for sushi. First Vancouver, now LA- it’s just so, so much better out here. Dinner tonight was unbelievable. Proximity to water and all, I suppose.

2- So. Many. Mirrors. I have never seen so many mirrors in my life. The restaurant, the hotel, the gym, every surface in my hotel room. I am watching TV into a wall made of mirrors and the shower? I just have never seen so much of myself in one day. It’s been all me, all the time and I feel like I get that plastic surgery stereotype- if everyone is surrounded like this, I can see why no one has their original nose.

Tomorrow is for trainings and some fun workouts so I am sure there will be more than 2 observations by end of day. Stay tuned.

On The Road Again

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Work Travelpalooza is in week 5 which means I am Vancouver-bound. While I am so excited to be in one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people, Luna Bell staged a protest promptly after I finished packing last night. So much coming and going these days…and we haven’t even told her we’re moving yet. Yikes.

Off to the land of yoga, sushi, mountains, city and sea! If only all work trips could be like this…