Throw Back Thursday

17 04 2014


I don’t know how people have such instant access to their childhood pictures (really- where are they getting these?!) but since Throwback Thursday is a thing, I submit this image as being a pretty legit throwback- Cubs players circa 1926.

Love the historical decals on the brick around the field right now- they’re really celebrating their 100th birthday!


16 04 2014


Tutto finisce a taralucci e vino.

Translation: It all ends with biscuits and wine.

Italians say this to mean don’t worry- everything is going to be fine. Isn’t that lovely?

Some Cheeky News

16 04 2014


chee•ky (chē’-kē) adj. : definitively bold; impudent and saucy

I am SO excited to share that I am taking this show on the road- I am now a featured contributor over at Cheeky Chicago!

Cheeky is an online lifestyle magazine designed to connect the bold, fun and fabulous women of Chicago with exciting happenings all over the city and content to inspire you to be your cheekiest self.

My first article is an interview with life-pro Allie LeFevere who is helping women all over the world live their best lives. It went live this morning and you can check it out here.

I will, of course, be posting here daily but keep an eye on Cheeky Chicago as I will be popping up from time to time over there too! I am so appreciative of this blogging and writing community that has so graciously allowed me to share my words- thank you so much for reading.

Lots of love and Cheeky’ness,



Link Love

15 04 2014


I do not have neutral feelings about The Langham- I am obsessed with their food, drink, decor, people, everything. I want to live there, like an almost 30 year old Eloise.

Being “hangry” is actually a scientific thing, not just that point before I think I am going to murder someone if I don’t eat something rightnow.

I am attending my first Passover dinner this weekend (SO excited) and in addition to hunting down Kosher wine, I am preparing by learning what it’s all about.

Mizuno’s new running campaign is outstanding. They nailed it.

These views of cities from above make me feel wanderlusty. #29 in Poland- I have got to see that.

Speaking of travel, these images of Venice if it were to freeze over are incredible.

The Sunshine Awards: Q & A

15 04 2014

It’s been awhile since I have won anything so when I heard from a blogger whose posts never fail to make me laugh, cry or both that I won The Sunshine Award, I was pretty pumped.

Sunshine Award: an award for bloggers, by bloggers, that is “a way to recognize people who have charmed, supported, enlightened, and inspired the awarder in recent months.” When one receives said award, the recipient must then answer some questions, tag the next recipients of their choosing, and ask them a handful of questions to answer a well.

Well, I can’t think of anything nicer to receive- thank you, Lyndsey! Lyndsey’s blog, And Then I Began, is beautiful. Heart pouring out of every word. Vulnerable, real, inspiring.

Here are the questions she asked: Read the rest of this entry »

12 04 2014


It’s a Chicago miracle- sunshine and warmth!

Happy Weekend, all!

On Cake Tasting

11 04 2014


Why, why, why when people talked about wedding planning, no one talks about cake tasting? After a few rounds of mixing and matching carrot, coconut and vanilla bean cake with salted caramel, raspberry, Kahlua and cream cheese butter cream and chocolate ganache, it’s all I am going to talk about.

Oh, you’re getting married?

I went cake tasting!

When is the big day??

Cake tasting! Let me tell you!

We’re only one session into our pre-marital counseling but I bet session 2 is all about how cake tasting is the single best thing you can do for your marriage. Because, well, cake.

It was such a fun way to spend some time. And to have my parents there to partake in the aforementioned sugary glory, in the most darling cake themed place ever? Best. Day. Ever.

This message was brought to you by the opposite of clean eating and GP’s cookbook…all about balance, folks.



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