Derby Me

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Ryan is going to the Kentucky Derby in a few weeks with some buddies and to show his excitement, this little nugget of Derby Day joy showed up in my inbox today.

Yes, that is Luna Bell’s little kitty head on the body of a jockey. And victory is, apparently, hers.


(Image via the DerbyMe app)

Dressing for the Derby

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The 137th running of the Kentucky Derby is this Saturday which begs the question: if I were Kentucky-bound, what would I wear?

We saw tons (36 to be exact)of Philip Treacy hats last Friday at the Royal Wedding.  This Philip Treacy is my pick– perfectly tilted, an absurd amount of flair and the brim is still large enough that it could provide some shade (hey, a girl’s got to be somewhat practical).  I’d pair it with this Karen Millen dress, keeping it simple but still enough going on should your hat come off (perhaps after several mint juleps):

And wedges.  You can’t have your heels sinking into the grass.

Sadly, I’ll be cheering “Pants on Fire” (my scientific method of choose a horse: funniest name) on from Chicago but chances are, I’ll be doing it wearing a hat with a cocktail in hand.

Happy Friday!