Midway Morning

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I have primarily been flying out of O’Hare for work the last few months so while this might be old news, I was thrilled this morning to find that Midway now has mobile boarding passes AND Intelligentsia Coffee (that fake Starbucks Potbelly used to sell was gross). Adding to that? A yoga room is going in! Midway, you flirt.

I boarded next to a mom and little girl who was taking her first flight. She was so excited and dying to get a window seat. My mom always made air travel such a big deal and fun thing and now that it’s a part of my job, seeing that little girl reminded me that it is truly a modern miracle- I am sitting in a chair that is going to be in the sky. I get it, little girl in 6A. I get it.

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Despite being Italian, I never really got Italian Ice. After going to Anthony’s last night…I get it. 2 scoops, chocolate and coconuts- do it.

Cheeky Chicago is hooking you up with rooms at the Swissotel for $109 a night. Last minute vacay (or staycay), anyone?

Travel has made such an impact on my life and I am so excited for the “adult” travel plans we have for the next few years but this list of travel experiences you have in your 20s…yup. Spot on. And awesome.

I don’t hate celebrity lifestyle websites for the sake of hating celebrity lifestyle websites and I really like Blake Lively…but I am not sure what the hell is happening over at Preserve.

Coobah is closing. I just…I know Coalfire is opening but…my neighborhood caipirinhas and queso fundido!

I had the most amazing kale salad at Blue Door this week and I can’t stop thinking about it. I hope to go back this weekend and add the blueberry pie to my order. ūüôā

Summer Travel Beauty

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When packing for my honeymoon, I set out to maximize space. I wanted to have what I needed but not be weighed down. Then I went to pack my makeup bag. Weighed Down should actually be what I call it because it’s filled to the brim. Some serious editing needed to happen and after 10 days of vacation with my scaled down bag, I can confidently say the above 13 products are all you need to rock a polished summer look on the go.

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A Roman Sunset Send-Off

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Our Italian travels rounded out with one last night in Rome and in addition to the bottle of prosecco and chocolate covered strawberries the hotel sent up to our room, we were treated to this gorgeous sunset over Tiber Island. We were on our way to the Trastevere for dinner at Da Enzo, this whole in the wall trattoria that, word on the street, had the best carbonara in Rome (truth) and were chit chatting away when we crossed the bridge and saw…these colors. It stopped us in our tracks and once we gathered ourselves enough to snap a photo, we noticed everyone near us was in silence too.

Almost every bit of the last 10 days has taken my breath away and I am so grateful for this time for us to be away, with being totally wrapped up in each other and Italy as the only thing on the agenda. The together’ness, the I’ve-got-you factor…I totally get the honeymoon thing now and am so happy to be home, ready for all that’s next while still basking in where we’ve come from.

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I do not have neutral feelings about The Langham– I am obsessed with their food, drink, decor, people, everything. I want to live there, like an almost 30 year old Eloise.

Being “hangry” is actually a scientific thing, not just that point before I think I am going to murder someone if I don’t eat something rightnow.

I am attending my first Passover dinner this weekend (SO excited) and in addition to hunting down Kosher wine, I am preparing by learning what it’s all about.

Mizuno’s new running campaign is outstanding. They nailed it.

These views of cities from above make me feel wanderlusty. #29 in Poland- I have got to see that.

Speaking of travel, these images of Venice if it were to freeze over are incredible.

On The Road Again

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Work Travelpalooza is in week 5 which means I am Vancouver-bound. While I am so excited to be in one of my favorite cities with some of my favorite people, Luna Bell staged a protest promptly after I finished packing last night. So much coming and going these days…and we haven’t even told her we’re moving yet. Yikes.

Off to the land of yoga, sushi, mountains, city and sea! If only all work trips could be like this…

Technology: A Blessing and a Curse

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The last time Ryan was out of town for work, Chicago was hit by a blizzard. ¬†Tonight, he is in Huntsville, Alabama and, yep- tornadoes and a multi-city wide blackout. ¬†Natural disasters must know when he’s on the move, huh?

In all seriousness, the storms that have ripped through the South today have been devastating and that’s only from what can be seen right now- tomorrow, the severity of the situation will be much more readily apparent. ¬†When Ryan called to tell me that his flight landed but the power had gone out at his hotel and a fresh batch of storms were rumored to be on their way, the first thing I did was get on Twitter, Weather.com, Google. ¬†The great thing was I was able to find out what was going on, where the storm lines were, what city officials were saying and get that information to Ryan- with no electricity and the Verizon towers being down, they had limited to no access to any information (I will never complain about his second Blackberry again-thank you AT&T).

The bad part about having access to the internet?  That I was able to find out what was going on.

I saw videos of the tornadoes, real time reports from people in Huntsville who were without food, power or knowledge if their family members were okay and confirmation that an entire nuclear plant was hit by a tornado and power would not be returning to Northern Alabama for several days.  All very scary things.

They say knowledge is power but what do you do when power cannot be derived from that knowledge? ¬†I told Ryan what I could so he felt informed and could make safe decisions but I couldn’t click my ruby red slippers to go down and scoop him out of a tornadoes path. ¬†Which kind of made me wish I didn’t know the extent of the situation.

In the meantime, I’m definitely sending mad prayers down Alabama way- to the people who have lost homes, family members, power, a sense of security…and for Ryan to make it back to the Windy City safely.