The Best Singalong of All Time

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I’m just going to leave this right here…

And may the record reflect that this car is filled with my answer to the question “If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?” except I would probably add my late-grandmother who would spend the entire time calling Jesse Tyler Ferguson “cute as a button” and telling them about the time we saw the original cast of Spring Awakening on Broadway and she didn’t understand the plot until the (very graphic) sex scene right before intermission.

I freaking love the week before the Tony Awards. Mainstream media gets all on-board with musical theatre and everywhere I look there is another interview with someone who made a beautiful piece of art for us to enjoy this year.

And may the record also reflect that when I consider reproducing, it is largely so we can divvy up the parts in “One Day More”.

Heaven and Pizza

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If I get to heaven and it’s not a margherita pizza on a terrace in Positano, Italy, I am going to be shocked.

After one of the most insane (hair pin turns! Mount Vesuvius! The teeniest road ever carved directly into the side of a mountain! A fence as tall as my shin keeping us from the drop off! Italian drivers who aren’t going to let a little thing like oncoming traffic/that whole mountain thing keep them from passing! Sorrento!) drives in the world, we arrived in Positano and I am simply overwhelmed. I have never seen beauty like this. I have never seen lemons this big. I have never seen water this blue. It’s like glass married the sky and it’s baby is the sea.

I burst into tears when the woman showing us to our room opened the door to this terrace. A terrace for two to enjoy on our honeymoon, she explained.

Like I said- it is overwhelming, this little town on the side of a mountain.

Ryan laid down for a nap, the doors wide open, blowing in a breeze from the sea, so I walked up the diminutive, winding street until I found a ristorante with a wood fired oven and a family that invited me to sit with them for a glass of wine while my pizza cooked. Walking back to the hotel, I dodged Vespas and back on my terrace for two, sat down with my pizza for one.

Absolute heaven.