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Lincoln Park North Pond City View

Happy Friday from North Pond in Lincoln Park! Signs of Spring are slowly but surely popping up and for that I am grateful.

I am also grateful for March Madness and that I always pick the Ivy League teams to do better than they should. My bracket is in great shape going into today and a victory for the Spartans will make for a stellar way to kickoff the weekend.

Enjoy the day, friends!

Way Too Fast Weekends

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And just like that, another weekend is over. I don’t know about you but it seems that these summer weekends are flying- by the time I wrap up work on Friday, it’s like the fast forward button goes right to Sunday night. We attended a rooftop birthday party last night in Lincoln Park and it was one of those perfect summer nights where the sweatshirts and guitars come out when the sun goes down and you stick around for one more beer just because you know these easy-going al fresco nights are numbered. As always, I am so excited for fall because its my favorite season and this year, i’m even more excited because we’re moving into our new place in September. But for right now, give me more of these fleeting warm weekends and I’ll squeeze out every last drop.

Days Like Today Are My Best Friend

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Luna Bell faked an injury, Ryan had to submit a last minute job app, we got on a bus that did not take us on Inner Lake Shore but all the way up to freaking Belmont…to say we got a late start to the day is an understatement.  But we finally made it to the Green City Market, finally got an order of apple cider donuts and finally had some coffee.

And then we looked up.

It is Fall.  So perfectly, crisply Fall.

Lincoln Park was packed with people with sweaters and jackets on.  Babies were bundled to a fault, and there was a lot more hugging and snuggling going on- it’s cold, people gotta stay warm!

We walked all the way home, holding hands and our bags filled to the brim with straight from the farm goodness.

Days like today are my best friend.