UberEATS Launches in Chicago

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UberEATS Chicago

As if Uber getting me all over town wasn’t enough, now they want to bring me food from pretty much wherever I want.

UberEATS launches today in Chicago and the new stand-alone app features 100+ of the best restaurants in Chicago and allows Chicagoans to order from their full menus 8ammidnight, 7 days per week. I tried it out last night and it was pretty great. From the moment I decided I did not, in fact, want to eat scrambled eggs to when my quinoa wrap from Lyfe Kitchen showed up was about 25 minutes and everything tasted just as great as eating there. My husband and I always hate ordering takeout because apps like Seamless only offer us places we don’t go to normally so we are left with food we only sort of want to eat sitting on our couch. I was really impressed that UberEATS offered healthy options like Lyfe Kitchen, Blue Door Farm Stand…and Homeslice. Because sometimes you don’t want to fight off DePaul students to get that glorious pizza.

The fine people at Uber were kind enough to send me a promo code for $10 off your UberEATS order- use the code JustaChiTownGirl and you’re set to jet.

{this post was not sponsored other than my promo code- I just really liked this service and think you will too.}

November Dose

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Dose Market Sunday is quickly becoming my favorite Sunday of every month.

I love walking to River East Art Center, cashing in my “Welcome to Dose Market, here’s a cocktail” ticket, grabbing something delicious to eat from places I’ve never been (or possibly even heard of), browsing the vintage clothing, chatting with the vendors about how and why they do what they do, mingling with others who are as psyched to be there as I am…

I love Dose Market.

Seedlings‘ apple cider and Franks n Dawgs‘ “The Southern” (chicken sausage, corn bread and bbq sauce on a texas toast bun) was lunch.

NoMI was dessert.

So much goodness under one roof.

I was so excited to bring Ryan to Dose today but I think I’m going back to flying solo or maybe bringing a girlfriend- when he had zero interest in Poems While You Wait, I knew he wasn’t Dose material.

Next Dose: December 4th.

Crabs. The Good Kind.

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The highlight of this vacay week- crabs!

Ryan used to be a Marylander and since we were back on his boyhood territory, a stop for some all-you-can-eat crabs was a must.  Smart money was that I was going to make a few failed attempts at cracking these bad boys, get grossed out, give up and order crab cakes.


It turns out that I am AWESOME at eating crabs!  I was a cracking, pulling, don’t-stop-until-all-the-meat-was-out machine.

A few orange crushes, 3 dozen crabs, 2 ears of corn and a few baskets of fries later, Ryan and I had in the books one of our favorite dates of all time.  So much fun, so much aggression (I used my mallet with force), so much surprising each other (*me surprising him, actually- I am so proud of how proud he was of me for showing those crabs who was boss!).

I don’t know about football but crabcakes and crabs in general is definitely what Maryland does.

Girl and the Goat

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After 3 months of waiting (“You don’t have a table available for a Saturday night until July?!”), Ryan and I finally had dinner at Girl and the Goat.  I have never been so excited for a Thursday night at 9:30pm in my life.

To be clear: I think a several month wait to get a table at a restaurant is ridiculous.  But in the case of Stephanie Izard‘s much raved about Girl and the Goat, it was totally and absolutely worth it.

I was so enthralled with our bottle of wine and food that this picture was all I captured- a last sip of wine and some bread scraps.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

The loft-esque dining room coupled with Tom Petty tunes was a great first impression.  And the food?  Creative AND delicious.  Favorites included the ahi tuna with blueberries and lamb sausage, soft shell crab with green tomato and fig, bread with banana-peanut butter butter and a side of honeycomb…the perfect mix of flavors without trying too hard.  Our very favorite dish, however, was the green beans!  We ordered on the recommendation of a co-worker and holy wow.  I would eat green beans every single day if they were covered in fish sauce.  O.M.G(oat).

Ry and I had a blast- nothing like 3 months of anticipation to take date night up a notch!  I totally recommend it and please- for the love of goat, order the green beans.