And so it begins…

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Hi, I’m Nina.
(Hi, Nina.)
I’ve been dancing around the idea of having my own blog for about as long as blogs have been cool.  Or at least since my friend Corey explained to me what blog stood for (weblog, in case he didnt get to you yet).  The issue was whether I had anything blog-worthy to write about.  I’m not sure that I do but I’m feeling brave in a sort of “What do I really have to lose?” sort of way and I just pass by so many things each day that deserve a high-five.  I want to officially do that–I guess this blog will be a shameless appeal for “the good stuff”.  The stuff that makes me smile, the stuff that makes me giggle, the stuff that shows that there’s still more right with the world than is wrong with it.
This blog is starting out as a mere hobby, something I am not sure if I will really get into, similar to my futile attempts at yoga, recreational jogging and playing the oboe.  Either way, I hope it will take up time I could otherwise be spending on organizing my closet or plucking my eyebrows.
I am 24 years old and live in Chicago with my supercat, Luna Bell.  She’s the coolest cat you’ll ever meet, seriously–she’s probably cooler than your kid.  I’m just sayin’.  I graduated from Michigan State University and after a quick layover in law school, I am now living and working in the Chi, a place I’ve wanted to live since I was a little girl wandering around Michigan Ave asking where the Statue of Liberty was. 
I tend to like more things than I dislike.  I like fountain Diet Coke, Lincoln Park, seeing kids wearing capes, Rock and Republic jeans, the LPAC, the Green City Market and the smell of basil.  I like my family and am one of those people who get along with her parents.  I like living .4 miles away from some of my best frends.  I like having friends who live cool places like Atlanta and, um, Detroit to visit.  I like how the neighborhoods in Chicago keep graciously unfolding themselves to me.  I’d list the things I dislike but they are just the standards–poverty, famine, war, leashes for kids, etc.
Holla: nina[dot]gardner6[at]gmail[dot]com