2 Observations

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I have been in LA for around 5 hours and I have 2 observations.

1- The West Coast has ruined me for sushi. First Vancouver, now LA- it’s just so, so much better out here. Dinner tonight was unbelievable. Proximity to water and all, I suppose.

2- So. Many. Mirrors. I have never seen so many mirrors in my life. The restaurant, the hotel, the gym, every surface in my hotel room. I am watching TV into a wall made of mirrors and the shower? I just have never seen so much of myself in one day. It’s been all me, all the time and I feel like I get that plastic surgery stereotype- if everyone is surrounded like this, I can see why no one has their original nose.

Tomorrow is for trainings and some fun workouts so I am sure there will be more than 2 observations by end of day. Stay tuned.

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