Winter Pep Rally

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Chicago Lakefront Skyline

The football team at my high school won 2 games over the course of my junior and senior years. I was a cheerleader so one can imagine that yelling words of encouragement that never seem to come to fruition got to be a bit of a challenge over time. But we kept cheering and every Friday, regardless of the team’s record, there was a pep rally in the gym. The team would come out, people would say more encouraging sentiments, there were high kicks and jumping around and come Friday night, everyone would gather in the football stadium to see if tonight was the night the team would be cheered to victory.

My high school football team = winter in Chicago.

I look at the 15 day forecast and think “It’s over 30 degrees, that’s great!” and then it is 30 degrees and I am…cold. And going to be cold for the foreseeable future. Last Saturday’s 60 degree temps was like the really, super nice kid on the football team who catches a pass and you reeaaallly want him to make it to the end zone… and then he gets pummeled. Nice day but our optimism for good weather was abruptly cut short by the loss of 2o degrees the following day.

I walked outside today, saw the sunshine and realized that winter needs a pep rally otherwise I am going to lose perspective that it’s the Midwest in February and this is how it’s supposed to be.

The Lincoln Park Zoo is open all year so I walked over to see what animals were out and about. The zebras were doing their thing, chasing each other around, the lions were sunbathing, and I had the nicest chat with the zookeeper for the gorillas who usually don’t go outside until it’s 45 degrees but because it was sunny and no wind, they got to get some fresh air today. They seemed happy about this development.

The construction on the lake at Fullerton is finally complete so I checked out the new walkways and the view of the skyline, which is always pretty awesome. I walked along the lake home, imaging the empty marinas filled with boats and that I might someday be in this exact spot sans big puffy winter coat.

It was a winter in Chicago pep rally. You can do it! You can warm up and not snow anymore and make it pleasant be outside! Goooooo Weather!

While this rally will likely result in another loss, i.e. no warm weather in sight, I will take in the sights and activities our awesome city has to offer while bundled up knowing that cheering for brighter days is better than just assuming they will never come.

Lincoln Park Zoo Lions


High Note

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Our standards aren’t exactly high at this point of the season but over 35 degrees at 9am and sunny? I’ll take it.

Ryan and I were out the door by 7 this morning to get some exercise and spend some rare midweek time together. Between that, coffee and this beautiful harbor view, my work day is starting on a very high note.

A (warm) Break

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On the night of the -15 degree freeze about a month ago, I was so disgusted that I booked a flight to Florida. I knew it was shaping up to be a long winter and the end of my rapidly fraying rope was coming up. But in the back of my mind, I thought that if it was that cold/snowy/terrible then, in a few weeks it would surely be better. Glad I went with my “get me out of here” instinct because 8-10 inches of snow in Chicago? Again? Come on.

It’s only for a few days but I am hoping a few naps on the beach, being able to run outside and some time with my parents will recharge my batteries for the rest of winter.

Here’s hoping…

Can’t Even: A Weather Update

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I’m sorry but I just can’t even with this weather. Yes, I know it’s Chicago and it’s not like it’s my first winter here but something in me snapped around 10am today and after finishing my last meeting of the day this afternoon, I called my battle against the cold/snow off. So it’s fashion magazines, wine and Sex & the City reruns until further notice. I know, I know- the glamour of it all.


Snow on the Pumpkins

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I always assume the weather will be worse in Chicago than anywhere else on the planet so I was totally caught by surprise when I woke up this morning in Pittsburgh to SNOW. Big, white, heavy flakes of snow. It was old news to everyone eating breakfast at the hotel so my audible gasp was slightly embarrassing. More embarrassing? I don’t exactly have my winter coat with me. Brrr!

Snow in October- this can’t be a good sign for the winter to come…