October Link Love

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We are having house guests in a few weeks and I see us all drinking coffee while hot loaves of these breads come out of the oven.

To add to that cozy hosting fantasy, I should probably make this Masala Chai.

This tote made me laugh and reminds me of my friend Megan.

I DVR’ed Hocus Pocus last night- there are so many reasons why it’s the best Halloween movie ever.

Counting Crows’ August and Everything After is 20 years old and still one of my favorite albums of all time.

I have my eye on these wedges that would be a nice alternative to boots or heels this Fall.

Happy 1st Day of October!

Snow on the Pumpkins

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I always assume the weather will be worse in Chicago than anywhere else on the planet so I was totally caught by surprise when I woke up this morning in Pittsburgh to SNOW. Big, white, heavy flakes of snow. It was old news to everyone eating breakfast at the hotel so my audible gasp was slightly embarrassing. More embarrassing? I don’t exactly have my winter coat with me. Brrr!

Snow in October- this can’t be a good sign for the winter to come…

Chicago q

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It’s late October and we ate brunch outside today.  That sheer awesome’ness of this weather is not lost on me so dining al fresco, we did.

Chicago q in the Gold Coast with it’s cozy outside seating was just the spot.

My pick?  A pulled chicken sandwich served with 4 sauces and cornbread.  Ryan devoured brisket and fries, dipped in ketchup that he was convinced was homemade (our server looked at us like we were idiots when we asked).  Add a mimosa and a ginger bourbon fizz into the mix and we were hooked.

Eating anywhere outside today would be amazing but I seriously cannot wait to tuck back into q, next time for the mac and cheese, maybe when it’s more scarf and earmuff season- cozy inside AND outside can’t be beat.