Weekend Notes

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Halloween Leaves

If you grew up in the Midwest, Halloween was the one day a year when you were convinced your parents were trying to ruin your life. Terrible weather was a guarantee and in trying to make sure you didn’t get, I don’t know, pneumonia, your costume got stuffed under a snowsuit/raincoat over your costume making it impossible for anyone to know that you were a gypsy/witch/Scarlett O’Hara (for example). As it was pouring down rain on my walk to workout on Saturday morning, I thought about this and how twenty-some years later, Halloween still means layers protecting you from the gross elements but I was decidedly less mad because it’s a fun memory and I was listening to a good Halloween playlist.

LB Halloween 2015

Our cat Luna Bell was a hero in a half shell for Halloween. No American Short Hairs were harmed in the making of this photo- LB was a purry little kitty while putting it on and after shimmying out of it, she promptly rolled inches from where Ryan was sitting for some more attention.

2015 Pumpkin

My mom always made holidays such a happy time for me when I was a kid and when carving this pumpkin on Saturday, I was instantly transported back to standing on one of her kitchen chairs because I was too short to scoop out the insides. However, not actually being a kid anymore meant I got to admire this year’s handiwork while sipping a Blood & Sand cocktail which seemed fitting for the holiday. As did my “Go Green, Go Halloween” themed pumpkin- Spartan pride knows no bye week.

Nov 1 2015


And just like that, it was November 1st and 70 degrees- a complete 360 from Saturday. Again, if you live in the Midwest you know what a miracle yesterday was and were outside the entire day like we were soaking it up. Being able to eat outside anytime after Labor Day is the biggest treat in Chicago which meant we were basically obligated to get bloodies and burgers at Crosby’s Kitchen to marvel at our Fall luck.

Happy Monday, friends. There are sunny days and warm temps ahead this week which means the “it’s not snowing yet” luck continues so lets keep the enjoying every second train going, shall we?

Link Love

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This colorful coat is perfect for the chilly weather that seems to be here to stay.

Or you could just warm up with a pumpkin old fashioned.

Isn’t this guerrilla wedding at the Art Institute the sweetest thing ever?

I cannot wait for our table at The Dawson in a few weeks- it is definitely my most anticipated restaurant opening of the year!

Every single one of these treats look amazing and make me wish I was hosting something for Halloween.

Speaking of treats, have you been to Dinkel’s? We went there on Sunday, it was packed, I had an outstanding pumpkin donut with cream cheese frosting and I think it’s probably best that they make my Thanksgiving pies instead of me.

Speaking of balance, I made a version of this kale and bean burrito tonight and it was the perfect mix of comfort food warmth and nutritious virtue, with the kale and all.


No Ifs, Ands or Buts…

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No ifs, ands or buts, these kids got GUTS!

Don’t tell me you don’t remember that show. After realizing quickly that it was the Saturday night for celebrating Halloween (people milling around in costumes will alert you to that pretty quickly), this guy stumbled across our path on the way home from dinner. True, I only saw a handful of costumes on that block walk but he gets my vote for best costume- man, my dad and I LOVED Guts. So many great memories of the Agro Crag…

2 More Reason Why Yoga Is Awesome

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1) Two Words: Halloween Playlist. The suite from Dracula, Thriller, CCR’s Bad Moon Rising, Van Morrison’s I Put A Spell On You…the instructor really outdid himself.

2) Everyone does it. And by everyone, I mean Katie Holmes was on the mat next to me (!!!). I practiced yoga next to Tom Cruise’s wife. It was all I could do to not gush that I loved her in “The Kennedy’s” (LOVED her in The Kennedy’s. LOVED.). I left her alone. I just think it’s cool that she came by herself to a community class instead of having a private instructor or going to a fancy hotel gym.

Yoga has been rocking my world more than usual lately (celebrity sightings aside). I’ve been practicing for 2 years now and it has seriously changed my life. So, so grateful to have that practice, that invitation to mindfulness and gratitude every time I step on my mat.

Yoga really IS awesome.

Dearborn Hearts Halloween

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If you live in Chicago, you have got to take a walk down Dearborn, starting at Schiller.

Ryan and I found these Halloween loving town-houses while on a little stroll this morning and these people went all out.  The town-houses themselves are just insanely gorgeous so to add some holiday garb cements its status as one of my very favorite neighborhoods in the city.

I mean, look at this guy- is he doing the Thriller dance?!?

Frankly, My Dear…

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True Story:  I was Scarlett O’Hara for Halloween in the 5th grade.

Complete with a huge hoop skirt, floppy hat and lots and lots of pin curls.

However, it turns out that 10 year olds don’t typically watch “Gone With The Wind” and my costume was met with more “wha?!?” stares than high-fives.  I also got stuck in a lot of doorways.

But boy, did I feel pretty.