Weekend Recipe: Citrus Margaritas

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Citrus Margarita Ingredients

Raise your hand and repeat after me: “I will not let summer get in the way of summer.”

I know. It makes no sense. The same way it makes no sense that there hasn’t been a solitary hot day yet this month. But it is technically summer which (usually) screams for grilling and sunscreen and…margaritas.

Poor margaritas have gotten a bad rap from all of those lame articles titled things like “Worst Cocktails to Order at a Bar” as being “bad for you” and I never understood why. 1) It’s a cocktail, relax, do whatever you want and 2) What the hell is in those “bad” margaritas? I checked and fair enough, those pre-made bottles from ChiChi’s at the grocery store have an ingredient list that basically reads sugar and more sugar and preservatives. So whatever, we will make them at home and they will be fresh and easy, just like summer should be.

1 shot(ish) of Tequila, 1 shot of orange liqueur, squeeze half of a lime, 5 ounces of the citrus juice of your choice. Shake vigorously (because it’s fun and can be your arm workout for the day) and pour over a salted glass with ice.


I used fresh grapefruit-orange juice from Mariano’s but I think any citrus mix would be fantastic. And you know those uber hip juice bars that cold press juice meant to make you instantaneously healthier and more wise after even just one sip? Here’s a secret: 9/10 times I think about great much better it would be with some tequila or gin. So…options.

And with any luck, we will be able to enjoy our margs outside with some sun in our faces this weekend.

Citrus Margarita with Salt

Disclaimer: you may be sipping this on your porch wearing a sweater and/or holding an umbrella this weekend. I cannot make any promises on weather. But at least you’ll have something delicious in hand, amiright?


The Violet Hour

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The Violet Hour

After 6 years of living in Chicago, we finally made it to The Violet Hour. Curtained salons, complete darkness except candlelight, gorgeous cocktails, no cell phones allowed so complete attention on each other…a violet hour (or two) was exactly what last night called for and I am still practically swooning over the non-contrived romance of it all today.

Link Love

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This colorful coat is perfect for the chilly weather that seems to be here to stay.

Or you could just warm up with a pumpkin old fashioned.

Isn’t this guerrilla wedding at the Art Institute the sweetest thing ever?

I cannot wait for our table at The Dawson in a few weeks- it is definitely my most anticipated restaurant opening of the year!

Every single one of these treats look amazing and make me wish I was hosting something for Halloween.

Speaking of treats, have you been to Dinkel’s? We went there on Sunday, it was packed, I had an outstanding pumpkin donut with cream cheese frosting and I think it’s probably best that they make my Thanksgiving pies instead of me.

Speaking of balance, I made a version of this kale and bean burrito tonight and it was the perfect mix of comfort food warmth and nutritious virtue, with the kale and all.


Family Resemblance

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Fun fact: my great grandfather Giuseppe was once arrested because the police thought he was Al Capone. I love this big image of Old Scarface at Untitled because while my great grandfather did not peddle illegal booze or run an organized crime ring, I’d like to think he’d appreciate us having prohibition-style cocktails at an underground bar with live jazz. Sorry about the arrest thing though, G.

Classic Cozy

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In lieu of “Black Wednesday”, Ryan and I did a little River North bar hop of our own last week. The usual at Theory (best chicken wings in Chicago, I swear), a few brews at Callahan’s, and finally found ourselves at Hubbard Inn.

One of my favorite words (in addition to “sparkly” and, according to Ryan, “feelings”) has got to be cozy. Hubbard Inn is the epitome of cozy. Big bookcases, deep leather chairs, roaring fire in the fireplace, and Sabrina playing on the flat screens. Bogart, Hepburn, an old fashioned in a vintage glass…so classic. Ryan and I wasted no time tucking into the big couch by the fireplace and soaking in the cozy. I pretty much want to move in to the Hubbard Inn now. Or at least go back very, very soon.

Also, a full fledged revival of black and white movies is soooo happening in my house now. Love.


43 Degrees? Thanks, I’ll Pass.

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When I walked out of Trader Joe’s today, I could actually see my breath.  And since it was only 43 degrees, I guess that makes sense.  This confirms my decision to get the heck outta here come Sunday.

Actually, this confirms my decision: by the time I walked from work to home today, I had four missed calls from my grandmother.  I figured something was wrong; she must have fallen or is in the hospital or something (I’m a proven worrywart).  I immediately called her back, only to hear her say she was just calling because she realized that in a few days, we’d be on the beach having a cocktail (don’t threaten Hazel with a good cocktail!) and she was very, very excited.


So for the next few days, I’ll bundle up and tolerate the cold because soon I will be on the beach, cocktail in hand, chatting it up with my 94 year old BFF.