November Dose

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Dose Market Sunday is quickly becoming my favorite Sunday of every month.

I love walking to River East Art Center, cashing in my “Welcome to Dose Market, here’s a cocktail” ticket, grabbing something delicious to eat from places I’ve never been (or possibly even heard of), browsing the vintage clothing, chatting with the vendors about how and why they do what they do, mingling with others who are as psyched to be there as I am…

I love Dose Market.

Seedlings‘ apple cider and Franks n Dawgs‘ “The Southern” (chicken sausage, corn bread and bbq sauce on a texas toast bun) was lunch.

NoMI was dessert.

So much goodness under one roof.

I was so excited to bring Ryan to Dose today but I think I’m going back to flying solo or maybe bringing a girlfriend- when he had zero interest in Poems While You Wait, I knew he wasn’t Dose material.

Next Dose: December 4th.

Dose Market

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I am so happy that Dose Market was on my radar because it was AMAZING.  All of my great loves (food, fashion and design) under one lofted roof.  This once a month market introduced me to new stores, restaurants and bakeries that I’ve never been to before, from neighborhoods all over town.  Art appreciation overload- so much wearable, edible, drinkable art.


Mayana ChocolateChocolate, dehydrated fruit turned into cake, chocolate, mousses, more chocolate- Chef Daniel Herskovic was kind enough to let me sample his creations and each was just TDF.  I went home with a chocolate bar he created exclusively for Dose- something about salted caramel.  Sold.

Lillie’s Q: The sample was a pulled pork sammie.  The sample. Out of the four choices of Q sauce, I chose Carolina Gold.  Must. Get. To. Bucktown.

Brew Camp: “Camp Director” Whit Nelson told me that if you put hops, yeast, barley and water together, there’s no way it can’t become beer.  Those are odds I’m willing to work with.  Once Ryan and I decide which Brew Camp flavor we want to make (my vote’s for Cranberry Mead), we will be placing an order for a beer kit to be delivered to the house so we can make beer at home.  Around 52 beers for a little over $60 for everything needed to brew at home.  Project!

I promise there was clothing and jewellery and the like but somehow, I came home with food exclusive pics.  Sorry I’m not sorry.

I got to Dose right at 10am and by the time I left at 11:30, it was starting to get packed.  No wonder- spending a Sunday at the River East Art Center totally hit the spot.

Next Dose: September 25th.