Crabs. The Good Kind.

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The highlight of this vacay week- crabs!

Ryan used to be a Marylander and since we were back on his boyhood territory, a stop for some all-you-can-eat crabs was a must.  Smart money was that I was going to make a few failed attempts at cracking these bad boys, get grossed out, give up and order crab cakes.


It turns out that I am AWESOME at eating crabs!  I was a cracking, pulling, don’t-stop-until-all-the-meat-was-out machine.

A few orange crushes, 3 dozen crabs, 2 ears of corn and a few baskets of fries later, Ryan and I had in the books one of our favorite dates of all time.  So much fun, so much aggression (I used my mallet with force), so much surprising each other (*me surprising him, actually- I am so proud of how proud he was of me for showing those crabs who was boss!).

I don’t know about football but crabcakes and crabs in general is definitely what Maryland does.

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