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It’s raining so hard that Luna Bell had abandoned her usual perch by the window, looking at the cars on Lake Shore Drive.

A morning to get stuff done from home…so, so grateful.

Happy Hump Day!

Deadbeat Blogger: An Apology

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Sorry I’ve been MIA.

My plate is full right now.  And not in a “look at all this awesome stuff I loaded up on from the buffet” kind of way, more of a “look at what Aunt Bertha served me, how am I going to eat all this crap” kind of way.  It’s fine, a lot of it is good stuff but my brain is on overload and my poor little blog has been one of the things to suffer.

So, I’m sorry for the lack of posting and the mediocrity of what’s been up lately.  I promise to step up my game soon.  I really do love this space and the writing it allows me to do and Chicago love it allows me to share.

I snapped this pic on a walk around my ‘hood a few days ago- the light is unmistakably fall in Chicago, no indian summer in sight.  Which is fine by me.  There is something comforting as well as comfortable about slipping into warmer layers and (rain) boots in the morning.  Fall just screams nostalgia to me and again, totally hits the comforting and comfortable spot.  The name of the game, it seems.

Sunset from the Other Side (and what I’m missing in Chicago tomorrow)

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On the other side of the lake, the sun sets vs. rising on the Chicago side.  Pretty change of pace.

I am enjoying my time with my family but I just remembered that in Chicago tomorrow is Dose Market day!  I had a blast in August at this monthly food and fashion market and am slightly bummed that I’ll be missing its September installment.  So go and nosh on some of Sweet Cakes’ brioche for me, ok?

In The Mitten

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I’m in Michigan for a few days, the first time I’ve been back since Christmas.

There are so many trees.

So I’m here, taking a breather, going on walks, checking out the first of the leaves to turn and spending some time with my family.  All much needed, all long overdue.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend- I hope you all take a few second to unwind as well.

Pink, Sequins and Acting Out

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Is it weird that sometimes my reaction to certain days are “Well, I’m just going to paint something pink then!”?  Pink and sequins- that’s what I think about when I think about acting out.

It can’t be that weird because no way did this townhouse get painted that shade of pink for any other reason than a reaction to a certain kind of day.

The End.

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Brunette and Blonn

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My fabulous friend Molly just started her first blog- BrunetteAndBlonn!  She is a brunette and just recently a Blonn, having gotten married in July- super clever blog name, right?

So, she and her husband are entering newlywed status and the blogosphere at the same time.  Their first project?  Tackling Chicago’s restaurants from A to Z. Head on over to BrunetteAndBlonn with your suggestions, especially if your favorite restuarant starts with an “A”.  They’re on “A”.

Cheers to your new endeavors, friends!

VIPink Chicago

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I have so much love for Bright Pink, I couldn’t NOT share this with you all!

Bright Pink is teaming up Saks Fifth Avenue to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a private cocktail reception featuring a fashion show, Grey Goose cocktails, some of Chicago’s best restaurants and a silent auction.  All proceeds benefit Bright Pink’s national education programs that encourage women to be informed and strong advocates for their own breast and ovarian health.

I can’t think of anything else I would rather do on October 20th!  And what a great excuse to buy something pink…I’m sorry, something BRIGHT pink!

Tickets available here.