Pure Michigan

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Grand Haven Pier November 2015

This morning I woke up in Michigan and threw on warm clothes and ran out the door to meet my parents for a walk. A stop for coffee at a place that my best friend and I used to go to every Friday morning before our summer jobs (Traverse City Cherry coffee for the win) and we were on the water, walking, talking, having those conversations that just don’t happen on the phone. I don’t know if it was the coffee, our brisk pace (strollers our family is not!) or the unexpectedly warm-ish day but layers came off and we took a longer way back to the car because it was so enjoyable, being outside and being together.

And then I stopped to see my 98 year old grandmother who was in the beauty parlor in her assisted living home having her nails done. #priorities

And then I had lunch with my mom at a diner that still has the best chicken rice soup around.

And then I drove home to Chicago, belting out every song from Hamilton 1.5 times because the trip takes longer than the musical does but you don’t have to twist my arm to rap battle Cabinet meetings multiple times.

It was a really good day. Family can happen anywhere and today it happened in my hometown and I really loved it.

Grand Haven Lighthouse

The Blue Hour

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Blue Hour

One of my favorite things about growing up in Michigan was the blue hour. Defined as the “period of twilight each morning and evening when the sun is a significant distance below the horizon and the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue”, this time each day felt like magic. With the incredible about of snow Michigan gets, the blue is so noticeable and I remember sitting in my mom’s living room when the blue hour would hit, as if time stood still for those few moments.

I was in the Mitten last weekend and was soaking up some sweet family time when I looked out the window of the restaurant we were at and there it was- blue hour. The snow had stopped falling, the lake was frozen solid and everything was just still. It was such a special evening, my entire family together, toasting to the future and the past and everything we have created together, with the support of this team, team family. If there was a moment to stand still and take in the blue hour, this was it.

I am bringing that with me into this week. I notice the blue hour far less back home in Chicago, I stop and pause far less on a daily basis here so the plan this week is to bring the blue hour into my days, regardless of whether the color is actually there or not.

Happy Monday, friends.

Sunset from the Other Side (and what I’m missing in Chicago tomorrow)

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On the other side of the lake, the sun sets vs. rising on the Chicago side.  Pretty change of pace.

I am enjoying my time with my family but I just remembered that in Chicago tomorrow is Dose Market day!  I had a blast in August at this monthly food and fashion market and am slightly bummed that I’ll be missing its September installment.  So go and nosh on some of Sweet Cakes’ brioche for me, ok?

In The Mitten

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I’m in Michigan for a few days, the first time I’ve been back since Christmas.

There are so many trees.

So I’m here, taking a breather, going on walks, checking out the first of the leaves to turn and spending some time with my family.  All much needed, all long overdue.

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend- I hope you all take a few second to unwind as well.