Deadbeat Blogger: An Apology

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Sorry I’ve been MIA.

My plate is full right now.  And not in a “look at all this awesome stuff I loaded up on from the buffet” kind of way, more of a “look at what Aunt Bertha served me, how am I going to eat all this crap” kind of way.  It’s fine, a lot of it is good stuff but my brain is on overload and my poor little blog has been one of the things to suffer.

So, I’m sorry for the lack of posting and the mediocrity of what’s been up lately.  I promise to step up my game soon.  I really do love this space and the writing it allows me to do and Chicago love it allows me to share.

I snapped this pic on a walk around my ‘hood a few days ago- the light is unmistakably fall in Chicago, no indian summer in sight.  Which is fine by me.  There is something comforting as well as comfortable about slipping into warmer layers and (rain) boots in the morning.  Fall just screams nostalgia to me and again, totally hits the comforting and comfortable spot.  The name of the game, it seems.

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