As the Saying Goes…

31 03 2011

Remember when I said I was craving color?

Remember when I said I’ve been having a major macaron moment lately?

This picture, these treats…

Two birds with one stone, no?

Almost There…

31 03 2011

Beautiful blue skies this morning.

47 degrees in the forecast this afternoon.

And I’ve packed away some of the “heavy duty winter” section of my closet so there’s no turning back now.

On this last day of March, I daresay that Spring might actually be right around the corner.

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Say It Ain’t So, Goose Island…

30 03 2011

For a lot of people, this may seem to be just another business transaction but in my mind it is totally spitting in the face of craft beer. Solidarity in the industry rises from the fight against the Big Three. Not fucking joining them. AB’s portfolio accounts for 48.3% of all retail beer sales.

Goose, you are dead to me. And I’m sorry for my friends who work there, it’s nothing personal of course.

Now I’ll go back to supporting the independent area breweries like MetroTwo BrothersHalf AcreThree Floyd’s and all of our wonderful brewpubs (Rev,HaymarketFlossmoorPiece, etc.)

Edit: Letter from Goose founder John Hall. And a more detailed article onBeerAdvocate (looks like the offical press release).

(via SeaofStatic and FYC)

I’m not going to go as far as boycotting (although Two Brothers and Half Acre just went up in my Chicago Cool-Factor book) but I am a little bummed that Goose Island and my beloved 312 is no longer all that Chicago-centric…

For me, the draw of Goose Island beer is that it’s local.  Before I moved to Chicago, I loved coming to town and knowing I could have “that number beer” when I went out.  The night I met Ryan, he had just moved to Chicago 9 days prior…so naturally, the first thing I did was buy the man a 312.

Yes, I’ll drink that last Sofie that’s in our ‘fridge (because it is delicious)… but I am a little sad that Chicago’s Craft Beer isn’t all that Chicago anymore.

Bright Pink’s Fit Fest 2011- Only 30 Spots Left!

30 03 2011

I just received word that there are only 30 spots left for Bright Pink’s Fit Fest!

Bright Pink is a non-profit that exists to enlighten and empower high risk individuals to take control of their breast and ovarian health by providing education, support and a sense of community for a better and brighter future.  As a host of Bright Pink’s 2nd Annual Fit Fest, I could not be more excited to be a part of supporting their mission- it’s so important to take on your health and I think it’s amazing that Bright Pink is so committed to supporting and elevating this cause.

If you want more info on Fit Fest, click here or email me at  If you love fitness classes like Tabata (I just die for the amazing Julie Valenti), Core Fusion (Exhale Spa, hello!), cardio hip hop and yoga (my favyogi in the Chi, Mara, is teaching!), then you absolutely cannot miss Fit Fest.  30 spots left…get on that!

Rainbow Bright

29 03 2011

As these final days of grey winter drag on (and on and on), I am finding myself craving COLOR in a big way.  Bright, popping, vibrant, blaring color.  I bought a neon gingham shirt last weekend, my little tootsies have a “Big Hair, Big Nails” colored pedicure and I swear, Ryan may come home sometime this week to find our bedroom has been painted hot pink.  I need color and I need it now!

Cue Pantone’s new hotel in Brussels.  Usually known for it’s insanely extensive catalog of colors, Pantone now has an entire hotel dedicated to experiencing color.  Each floor is a different color so guests can choose which color fits their mood, they offer color therapy, there’s color consultation, you name it.  This lobby, those colors- I can practically hear the colors popping!  And how delicious is this pool?!

Color is often associated with being bold. We stick to neutrals in our homes and wardrobes and, frankly, in our lives because neutrals go with everything- they’re safe.  After this long winter, I could use some color in my life but more than that, I’m ready for the bold.  Courageous and daring, not hesitating or being fearful; bold. So, I’m starting with the visual color in my daily life and going from there.  With so much rainbow bright going on, it can’t be too long before it rubs of on everything…

(photo via kate spade)

TIME’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds

28 03 2011

Somehow, I didn’t make the list (shocker, right?) but Time Magazine’s list of the 140 Best Twitter Feeds is pretty comprehensive.  Lord Voldemort cracks me up on a regular basis, White Girl Problems makes me wonder if she’s really kidding and for good measure, Breaking News keeps me connected to the real world in real time.

Even more shocking than the lack of @NinaintheChi on the list, Dan Sinker didn’t make the list either!  His turn as the fictional Mayor Emanuel entertained me (and 48,799 others) on a nearly hourly basis.  Good news though- Sinker just inked a book deal, loosely titled “The F**king Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel”.  #wellplayedsir

If Twitter is your thing, 1) follow @NinaintheChi immediately and 2) check out Time’s list.

Great Groupon Sunday

27 03 2011

Great Groupon today!  A 2 year subscription to Chicago Home and Garden Magazine for $6!  That’s pretty much the cost of one magazine and the cup of coffee I would buy to sip on while reading it.  6 bucks?!  I’m so in.


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