Chicago Dancing Festival

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I won this picnic basket 5 years ago and last night, it finally made its debut.

The Chicago Dancing Festival concluded last night with the grand finale at Millennium Park’s Pritzker Pavilion.  Joffrey Ballet and the River North Dance Company were among the performers taking the stage on one of the most perfect summer evenings we’ve had this year.

The dancing was stunning, the music was gorgeous and sharing the evening (and wine and eclairs) with 2 of our closest friends made for a whole lot of jazz hand excitement- so much love for Chicago last night!  And I wasn’t the only one- Mayor Emanuel was on hand to kick-off the evening, giving mad love to his city and our growing dance community.

Summer, please don’t end.

TIME’s 140 Best Twitter Feeds

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Somehow, I didn’t make the list (shocker, right?) but Time Magazine’s list of the 140 Best Twitter Feeds is pretty comprehensive.  Lord Voldemort cracks me up on a regular basis, White Girl Problems makes me wonder if she’s really kidding and for good measure, Breaking News keeps me connected to the real world in real time.

Even more shocking than the lack of @NinaintheChi on the list, Dan Sinker didn’t make the list either!  His turn as the fictional Mayor Emanuel entertained me (and 48,799 others) on a nearly hourly basis.  Good news though- Sinker just inked a book deal, loosely titled “The F**king Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel”.  #wellplayedsir

If Twitter is your thing, 1) follow @NinaintheChi immediately and 2) check out Time’s list.