Weekend Recipe: Citrus Margaritas

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Citrus Margarita Ingredients

Raise your hand and repeat after me: “I will not let summer get in the way of summer.”

I know. It makes no sense. The same way it makes no sense that there hasn’t been a solitary hot day yet this month. But it is technically summer which (usually) screams for grilling and sunscreen and…margaritas.

Poor margaritas have gotten a bad rap from all of those lame articles titled things like “Worst Cocktails to Order at a Bar” as being “bad for you” and I never understood why. 1) It’s a cocktail, relax, do whatever you want and 2) What the hell is in those “bad” margaritas? I checked and fair enough, those pre-made bottles from ChiChi’s at the grocery store have an ingredient list that basically reads sugar and more sugar and preservatives. So whatever, we will make them at home and they will be fresh and easy, just like summer should be.

1 shot(ish) of Tequila, 1 shot of orange liqueur, squeeze half of a lime, 5 ounces of the citrus juice of your choice. Shake vigorously (because it’s fun and can be your arm workout for the day) and pour over a salted glass with ice.


I used fresh grapefruit-orange juice from Mariano’s but I think any citrus mix would be fantastic. And you know those uber hip juice bars that cold press juice meant to make you instantaneously healthier and more wise after even just one sip? Here’s a secret: 9/10 times I think about great much better it would be with some tequila or gin. So…options.

And with any luck, we will be able to enjoy our margs outside with some sun in our faces this weekend.

Citrus Margarita with Salt

Disclaimer: you may be sipping this on your porch wearing a sweater and/or holding an umbrella this weekend. I cannot make any promises on weather. But at least you’ll have something delicious in hand, amiright?


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