Weekend Recipe: Citrus Margaritas

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Citrus Margarita Ingredients

Raise your hand and repeat after me: “I will not let summer get in the way of summer.”

I know. It makes no sense. The same way it makes no sense that there hasn’t been a solitary hot day yet this month. But it is technically summer which (usually) screams for grilling and sunscreen and…margaritas.

Poor margaritas have gotten a bad rap from all of those lame articles titled things like “Worst Cocktails to Order at a Bar” as being “bad for you” and I never understood why. 1) It’s a cocktail, relax, do whatever you want and 2) What the hell is in those “bad” margaritas? I checked and fair enough, those pre-made bottles from ChiChi’s at the grocery store have an ingredient list that basically reads sugar and more sugar and preservatives. So whatever, we will make them at home and they will be fresh and easy, just like summer should be.

1 shot(ish) of Tequila, 1 shot of orange liqueur, squeeze half of a lime, 5 ounces of the citrus juice of your choice. Shake vigorously (because it’s fun and can be your arm workout for the day) and pour over a salted glass with ice.


I used fresh grapefruit-orange juice from Mariano’s but I think any citrus mix would be fantastic. And you know those uber hip juice bars that cold press juice meant to make you instantaneously healthier and more wise after even just one sip? Here’s a secret: 9/10 times I think about great much better it would be with some tequila or gin. So…options.

And with any luck, we will be able to enjoy our margs outside with some sun in our faces this weekend.

Citrus Margarita with Salt

Disclaimer: you may be sipping this on your porch wearing a sweater and/or holding an umbrella this weekend. I cannot make any promises on weather. But at least you’ll have something delicious in hand, amiright?


Summer in Chicago

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Chicago Summer

Rain storms that punctuate warm, sunny days can only mean one thing: It’s summer in Chicago! This time of year always sneaks up on me because 1) I never think it’s going to actually happen and 2) making plans for the summer sort of feels irrelevant. It’s summer! In Chicago! Do whatever you want, whenever you want, it’s all going to be great!

However, summer in Chicago does mean there are a lot of great events going on. If you want to have a few things on deck, here are a few happenings coming up that I think are worth putting in your calendar:
June 2- September 29th Tuesdays on the Terrace: free jazz concert on the Museum of Contemporary Art’s terrace and sculpture garden every Tuesday from 5:30-8pm.
June 13 Brew to be WildA craft beer festival in the Lincoln Park Zoo
June 23-September 1 Millennium Park Summer Film Series: There is nothing I love more than a warm summer night underneath Priztker Pavilion. There are a long list of films being shown (don’t forget to BYOB and pack some snacks!) but I’m so excited for for the July 28th showing of Almost Famouslove that movie.
4th of July Chicago Cubs: The Cubs are home against Marlins at 6:20pm- perfect for an afternoon cookout following by singing the National Anthem at the top of your lungs within the Friendly Confines.
July 10-12 Windy City Smokeout: barbecue and county music downtown. Done, done and done.
July 16 Green City Market Chef’s BBQ: Some of the best chefs in Chicago take to the park for an evening of BBQ. I love how chefs in Chicago are like celebrities- they deserve it.

Weekend Notes

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Our life pretty much consists of work, work, work, condo, condo, condo. Weeks are flying by due to extra long hours at our respective jobs and every spare minute is devoted to getting things ready for the move into our new place next month. It’s been a lot of “I want to be there now” and this weekend was the perfect answer to that. A fun event at the Chicago History Museum on Friday night, a lovely al fresco lunch at Little Market where I had the best veggie burger of my life, time at the pool soaking in some long awaited perfect summer weather and an outstanding meal at Bavette’s where we took one look at a nearby tables seafood tower and decided that this was our celebration dinner. We toasted our future (and dug into our own seafood tower!) but in doing that, we really celebrated where we’ve been the last few years. Bavette’s sent us home with chocolate cream pie that we ate on our porch while watching the city go by below us and I couldn’t help but think that as excited as I am to move into all that’s coming next, right this second couldn’t get any sweeter.

Summer Send-Off

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Last night, we attended a cook-out at the home of friends in Lincoln Park.  We’ve spent several Memorial/Labor Days with them and I must say, I’m a sucker for the rooftop element to this gathering.

This Labor Day isn’t messing around with its “Hey, summer’s over!” message so it was an evening for sweaters over dresses and shorts, an evening that forced our hosts to bring out the patio heater when blankets just couldn’t cut it.  But it was also a night for burgers on the grill, 312, Molly’s Cupcakes and Garrett’s Popcorn.


(Note: Ryan and I were craving Garrett’s yesterday so instead of buying it for ourselves, we grabbed a bag to bring as a host gift.  It was a HUGE hit- after sharing a few handfuls with us, our hosts tucked it away to have for themselves today.  So, even if you live in Chicago, Garrett’s is a clutch host gift.)

Last night was the perfect send-off to summer- one last hurrah.  But if we’re being honest, I’m totally eyeing the sweater section of my closet and excited for the cool crisp days ahead.

U2 at Soldier Field

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The 360 set was unreal, the music was amazing and the energy coming from the 65,000+ people in the crowd at Soldier Field was unbelievable.

And when U2 played “It’s a Beautiful Day“, I fist pumped with the best of ’em.

It was one of the best concerts I have ever seen on one of the most beautiful nights of the summer in one of the coolest venue around.

Mad love for U2…and Chicago, per usual.

U2 Concert Countdown

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3 weeks from tonight, my Mama and I will be there.  Nope, not the Addison train stop.  We’ll be at Soldier Field for the U2 concert!

After a year of waiting (Bono threw out his back last year and the tour was cancelled), we will put on our comfiest dancing sandals and rock out to our favorite songs from one of our favorite bands.

A concert with my mother with the city as a backdrop.  I am so in.

Downtown Sound: Iron and Wine

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Tonight: Downtown Sound’s New Music Mondays.

Kicking off the week with Iron and Wine sounds like a plan to me.  Grab a blanket, a bottle of wine, some snacks and head to Millennium Park- I promise you won’t regret an evening spent listening to free music with a sparkle-y city as a backdrop.

Millennium Park, ready to rock.