Argo/Greenhouse/Park Heaven

15 06 2013


I am drinking tea in a greenhouse-looking building, sitting in front of a fireplace and listening to the babbling of a fountain that well behaved children are running their hands through. Is this an urban dream?

Real talk, I was mad when I saw that an Argo Tea was going in what used to be a public (although rundown) park but now that I see what a beautiful job they did with the space AND I can sit in an actual chair AND it no longer smells like pee, I feel like I rushed the judgement. Welcome to the ‘hood, Argo…and thanks for bringing macarons.

Chicago q

23 10 2011

It’s late October and we ate brunch outside today.  That sheer awesome’ness of this weather is not lost on me so dining al fresco, we did.

Chicago q in the Gold Coast with it’s cozy outside seating was just the spot.

My pick?  A pulled chicken sandwich served with 4 sauces and cornbread.  Ryan devoured brisket and fries, dipped in ketchup that he was convinced was homemade (our server looked at us like we were idiots when we asked).  Add a mimosa and a ginger bourbon fizz into the mix and we were hooked.

Eating anywhere outside today would be amazing but I seriously cannot wait to tuck back into q, next time for the mac and cheese, maybe when it’s more scarf and earmuff season- cozy inside AND outside can’t be beat.

Chi Cuff Love

27 07 2011

I am in looove with this Copper Cuff/Map of Streeterville and the Gold Coast.

I took care of something today that I had been putting off (for months) and I’m a smidgen proud of myself…I deserve this, no?

Option 2: Copper Cuff of River West

Etsy is pretty much the best thing ever.

(spotted via EmphasisAdded)


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