Holiday Pre-Gaming

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A post-dinner walk, a warmer than expected evening and a totally unnecessary bottle of wine.

Something about posting up barside with Ryan at Quartino brings about the best conversations. Holiday plans, 2012 must-do’s, career goals, stock market chitchat that I actually enjoyed…we covered it all last night.

For me, the holiday season starts tonight. At 6pm, the Magnificent Mile will light up in all of its holiday sparkle and then It’s on. We will be in Lincoln Park for a Friend Thanksgiving but I already can’t wait to come back downtown later tonight, after the parade crowd clears, and see Mich Ave aglow. I seriously cannot even stand how much I love it.

The most wonderful time of the year, without doubt!

Massive Marilyn on Michigan Ave

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Why, may I ask, is there a massive Marilyn in Pioneer Court on Michigan Avenue?

Apparently, there’s great controversy about the piece but my 2 cents are thrown in the “Um, why???” pot.  It’s huge and creepy and huge.  Why Marilyn?  Why so damn big?

She’s there until Spring 2012, you say?  That’s going to look awesome from November through May–Marilyn practically in her skivvies covered in snow.


(image via fuckyeahchicago)

Coming Soon: A Stylish Chicago

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All in favor of vacant property on Mich Ave being filled up by adorable boutiques from across the pond, say “Ai”.

Ai.  So ai.

All Saints Spitalfields, coming soon to 700 N. Michigan Avenue.  Taking the place of that eyesore that was the old Chicago Place Mall, between Saks and Zara.  Good one!

Here’s hoping that “coming soon” means “by the time Chicago hits legit Spring” because I’ve got my eye on this little number.

The Brits are invading Chicago- between Topshop and All Saints, I predict seeing a lot more style walking around this city.

Ai, ai, ai!