Heaven and Pizza

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If I get to heaven and it’s not a margherita pizza on a terrace in Positano, Italy, I am going to be shocked.

After one of the most insane (hair pin turns! Mount Vesuvius! The teeniest road ever carved directly into the side of a mountain! A fence as tall as my shin keeping us from the drop off! Italian drivers who aren’t going to let a little thing like oncoming traffic/that whole mountain thing keep them from passing! Sorrento!) drives in the world, we arrived in Positano and I am simply overwhelmed. I have never seen beauty like this. I have never seen lemons this big. I have never seen water this blue. It’s like glass married the sky and it’s baby is the sea.

I burst into tears when the woman showing us to our room opened the door to this terrace. A terrace for two to enjoy on our honeymoon, she explained.

Like I said- it is overwhelming, this little town on the side of a mountain.

Ryan laid down for a nap, the doors wide open, blowing in a breeze from the sea, so I walked up the diminutive, winding street until I found a ristorante with a wood fired oven and a family that invited me to sit with them for a glass of wine while my pizza cooked. Walking back to the hotel, I dodged Vespas and back on my terrace for two, sat down with my pizza for one.

Absolute heaven.


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