Wrigley Touring Saturday

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Did you know that for only $25, you can spend an hour and a half in Wrigley Field, learning its nooks and crannies and hearing about its 100 year journey? We had out of town visitors this weekend so we checked it out and the tour was awesome. Not only was our guide entertaining and super knowledgable but we got to see places that just aren’t open to the public on game days. To be clear: Wrigley needs a major reno. I was actually really surprised by how run down some parts were but it was really cool to get the opportunity to see the press box and players dugout & club house in what has got to be darn close to its original form.

Great photos of Wrigley in years past lined the hallway to the Press Box. Apparently, a ski jumping competition was once held on the field. And women’s baseball! I love A League of Their Own!

Inside the Friendly Confines are one of my favorite places to be and that helped make for a nice part of the weekend.





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