Weekend in Plus & Minus

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Weekend in + & -.

– Ryan’s marathon of working ridiculously late hours continued on Friday and Saturday night.
+ I had time to myself to relax after a very full work week.
– Wayfair told me on Friday that it would be until next week before they could fix the bed issue.
+ We got to try out the new sleeper sofa in the guest room and it is unreal- like a Care Bear cloud of comfort. Well done, Room & Board!
+ After a very sad face email I sent on Friday night, Wayfair finally came through and sent a furniture medic. Problem fixed in 30 minutes and we now can sleep in our bed.
+ Going to David’s Tea is an activity in and if itself. Selected some new tins AND learned that Forever Nuts can be put in oatmeal. #genius
+ I found an amazing wall of frames at Room & Board that I bought for our dining room.
– By the time I got home, I realized that was an absurd amount of money to spend on frames and cancelled the order.
+ & – All meals made at home.
+ Anthropologie has an entire dress of cats. Cat print, to be more specific.
+ Great run with Ry on a most beautiful Sunday morning.

It’s been pretty chill in these parts, which is great because it was apparently preparing us for the flu. Ryan started with it last night and as of the last 2 hours, it looks like I’m down for the count too. Here’s to lots of fluids, shared blankets, sleep and body aches to go away quickly…

What’s the saying? The couple that has the flu together, stays together?

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