Warby Parker Class Trip

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I ordered my first pair of Warby Parker glasses 3 years ago, love them, Ryan is waiting for his 3rd pair to come in the mail and I was contemplating getting another pair when we came across this on our morning walk: the Warby Parker bus. On a cross-country “class trip“, this bus will be at Halsted and North Ave until mid-October and has the full collection to try on. So instead of waiting for 5 try-on pairs to come in the mail, I boarded the bus, checked out their super cool collection of 1st & 2nd edition books and chose my glasses. And all I left the house wanting this morning was coffee. Warby Parker is about the most convenient (and at $95 a pair, the cheapest) thing ever and this adorable little bus just took it to another (hipster chic) level.



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