The Blue Hour

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Blue Hour

One of my favorite things about growing up in Michigan was the blue hour. Defined as the “period of twilight each morning and evening when the sun is a significant distance below the horizon and the residual, indirect sunlight takes on a predominantly blue hue”, this time each day felt like magic. With the incredible about of snow Michigan gets, the blue is so noticeable and I remember sitting in my mom’s living room when the blue hour would hit, as if time stood still for those few moments.

I was in the Mitten last weekend and was soaking up some sweet family time when I looked out the window of the restaurant we were at and there it was- blue hour. The snow had stopped falling, the lake was frozen solid and everything was just still. It was such a special evening, my entire family together, toasting to the future and the past and everything we have created together, with the support of this team, team family. If there was a moment to stand still and take in the blue hour, this was it.

I am bringing that with me into this week. I notice the blue hour far less back home in Chicago, I stop and pause far less on a daily basis here so the plan this week is to bring the blue hour into my days, regardless of whether the color is actually there or not.

Happy Monday, friends.

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