Aces High

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Last night was Ryan’s company Christmas party, which always consists of a poker tournament (and scotch, always scotch). Last year, I was really nervous. I had never met anyone from his office before, I didn’t know how to play poker and I was just in this weird, self conscious place. This year, I still didn’t know how to play poker but I had a full skirted party dress on, new heels I love and I did not care. So when I saddled up to the table with my glass of red wine and started winning, I just kept going with it because 1) it wasn’t my money and 2) I really did not care. I took all of Ryan’s money, then the director of his group…I can count but beyond that, it was learn as you go and I was killing it. Aces high and straight flushes, it was absurd. Absurdly awesome… The dealer actually said “You play a lot, huh?” And I am 90% sure he wasn’t being sarcastic.

I eventually went all in on a hand I shouldn’t have but it was a good run . Proof that there’s nothing great shoes, a great outfit and not giving a flying fruit basket can’t do.