Aces High

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Last night was Ryan’s company Christmas party, which always consists of a poker tournament (and scotch, always scotch). Last year, I was really nervous. I had never met anyone from his office before, I didn’t know how to play poker and I was just in this weird, self conscious place. This year, I still didn’t know how to play poker but I had a full skirted party dress on, new heels I love and I did not care. So when I saddled up to the table with my glass of red wine and started winning, I just kept going with it because 1) it wasn’t my money and 2) I really did not care. I took all of Ryan’s money, then the director of his group…I can count but beyond that, it was learn as you go and I was killing it. Aces high and straight flushes, it was absurd. Absurdly awesome… The dealer actually said “You play a lot, huh?” And I am 90% sure he wasn’t being sarcastic.

I eventually went all in on a hand I shouldn’t have but it was a good run . Proof that there’s nothing great shoes, a great outfit and not giving a flying fruit basket can’t do.

Peace. Love. Wine. Whiskey.

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With every dinner, holiday and party hosted in our new(ish) condo, the more it feels like home. We had a Holiday Open House last night and I don’t know if it was our fully decked halls, the roaring fire in the fireplace, the bourbon cider punch Ryan made or that so many of our nearest and dearest showed up to celebrate the season but this place we have lived in for 3 months finally feels like home. The neighborhood that took so long for me to adjust to finally feels like somewhere I love being. I went to get takeout from a nearby bar today (see aforementioned bourbon cider punch- mama needed tots in a big way today) and it was so crisp and clear and silent out. It felt so great and the sight of the garland and bows wrapping each light pole was enough to make me a little teary. This move was what was right for our little family and I am so happy that it honestly feels like that now.

Related: happiness is also this cookie. An Oreo wrapped in a chocolate chip cookie hug. I mean, stop, right? Our friend Erin made them and brought a beautiful tin of them as a hostess gift…in other news, Erin is welcome in our home anytime.