An Ode to March and Tom Izzo

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Who is Tom Izzo?

Two facts: I am a die-hard Michigan State fan and Tom Izzo is the best coach in the history of the world.

In conclusion: the month of March is the best. Logic defied the assumption Spartans make every year that our team will do well in the tournament (because good lord, that regular season was abysmal) but I am so glad I didn’t retire my lucky MSU socks/glitter koozie/candle/shirt/jacket/hat prematurely because on Saturday, I will put everything back on, go to the corner bar and get ready to cheer my face off during the Final Four.

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{Go Green! In Izzo We Trust! Spartans Will!}

The Situation at MSU?

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Nice relaxing Saturday morning, just cheering on my alma mater when the camera pans to…

The Situation with the Izzo’s.

Sweet goodness.  What has the world come to and how the hell did someone from the Jersey Shore find their way to East Lansing?

I can hear the jokes about our academic standards now.

Anyways and always, Go Green.