Slow Sunday Funday

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After 2 weeks of not having a conversation with my husband lasting more than 15 minutes because of his, um, robust hours at work due to a project (robust sounds better than insane because hard work is not to be trivialized), we spent yesterday doing all of the things.

9am birthday party for our favorite 3 year old? Check. Pizza, bourbon sangria and college football at Homeslice? Check. Golf lesson, running, shopping, more college football, more food, more drinks, Jeni’s Ice Cream? Check, check, check. It was like we tried to cram in everything we haven’t done together in the last 2 weeks into one day.

It felt amazing.

But if yesterday’s theme was “go!”, today’s theme is “slow”. Quite literally, in fact. There’s Asian BBQ slow cooking in the crock pot. I am still in pajamas. A third cup of coffee on the porch may be necessary. I think a long walk instead of a long run will be happening. The mile high stack of catalogues and magazines I have are going to be read. Yesterday, we were up to the serious business of fun and today, the serious business of a slow Sunday sounds delicious.

And like just the kind of Sunday Funday that we need.

Labor Day Weekend in Chicago

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I struggle with Labor Day weekend. I want to soak in every last drop of summer but if we’re being honest, I am also ready for college football, chili and leather boots. In the spirit of not denying ourselves our respective college season openers and making the most of summer specific activities, here’s a list of both to help make planning for the long weekend less of a challenge.

Chicago Jazz Fest: Pack a picnic and head to Millennium Park for jazz with a side of skyline. Here are four bands you have to see.

Headquarters River North: This Lakeview favorite brings their huge craft beer selection and arcade games to River North. Opens today and in case beer and pinball isn’t enough for you, this location is going to have food.

Magnificent Mile Women’s Half Marathon & 5k: Ladies, if you’ve been hitting the pavement all summer, do a victory lap by running the first ever race to hit the Mag Mile. Registration for both the half and 5k looks like it’s still open.

Critical Mass Ride: A few weeks ago, we were test riding bikes and I fell off mine at a stop sign and yelled “I DON’T WANT TO RIDE BIKES!” as I got up so this is a suggestion for you, not me. But if you are a biker of the pedal-y sort, head to Daley Plaza on Friday at 5:30 for this free ride through the city’s streets with a few thousand of your biker friends.

Fireworks Cruise: Water. Skyline. Fireworks. Enough said.

College Football Bars: We live in a city with a bar for there is. Here’s a complete list of where to see your team on college game days. (And here’s the Spartan Fight Song for good measure.)

Elle on the River: one last shot at tacos and punch al fresco. This has been one of my favorite spots this summer and the only thing better than their fish taco on chickpea flatbread is the views of the river.

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The Situation at MSU?

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Nice relaxing Saturday morning, just cheering on my alma mater when the camera pans to…

The Situation with the Izzo’s.

Sweet goodness.  What has the world come to and how the hell did someone from the Jersey Shore find their way to East Lansing?

I can hear the jokes about our academic standards now.

Anyways and always, Go Green.