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Grahamwich was so great when it opened…and then it sucked. Such a bummer but not surprised it closed yesterday.

I’m not a fan of prison but there’s always been something I’ve admired about Martha Stewart. This article identified that something- Martha gives zeros fucks.

I met this chick recently and I’ve got to say, she’s pretty rad. So rad (and stylish and funny) that I totally ordered the monogram necklace from her BaubleBar collection.

Do you subscribe to Urban Daddy? I love it. It loops me in to new restaurants and bars and with subject lines like “This Used To Be a Brothel“, it’s not like I’m not going to check it out.

Now that I’m done playing on the RedFin app every night, I’m all about I am all ears if you guys have any design sites you love- I feel like this is going to be my new jam.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

Dinner Time: XOCO Edition

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XOCO had me at “on-site roasted cocoa beans”.

I finally checked out XOCO, beloved Chicago chef Rick Bayless’ take on Mexican street food and it was every bit as great as the line out the door suggested.  The smell coming from the kitchen that we were practically standing in as we placed our order almost filled me up, it was so incredible.

I said almost– I was still able to polish off my Seafood Verde (shrimp, scallops and avocado in a lime-cilantro sauce) and have a few bites of my mom’s Chicken Tinga Torta (mexican submarine sandwich that was unreal).  We ordered a churro to top off our meal (when in Rome Mexico, right?) and they threw in a little cup of the darkest melted chocolate I have ever tasted.  Perfection.

Go, go now- on your lunch break, for dinner, hell- XOCO is even open for breakfast.  My excitement level about XOCO rivals how I felt the first time I went to Grahamwich