Summer Send-Off

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Last night, we attended a cook-out at the home of friends in Lincoln Park.  We’ve spent several Memorial/Labor Days with them and I must say, I’m a sucker for the rooftop element to this gathering.

This Labor Day isn’t messing around with its “Hey, summer’s over!” message so it was an evening for sweaters over dresses and shorts, an evening that forced our hosts to bring out the patio heater when blankets just couldn’t cut it.  But it was also a night for burgers on the grill, 312, Molly’s Cupcakes and Garrett’s Popcorn.


(Note: Ryan and I were craving Garrett’s yesterday so instead of buying it for ourselves, we grabbed a bag to bring as a host gift.  It was a HUGE hit- after sharing a few handfuls with us, our hosts tucked it away to have for themselves today.  So, even if you live in Chicago, Garrett’s is a clutch host gift.)

Last night was the perfect send-off to summer- one last hurrah.  But if we’re being honest, I’m totally eyeing the sweater section of my closet and excited for the cool crisp days ahead.

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