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I love Instagram and its filters that allow me to look like I have serious photography skills. I have some of my favorite shots printed and on the fridge right now but they have tape on their corners that are lifting up and I hate crap all over the fridge almost as much as I hate crap sitting out on the counter (a toaster is not decor). Enter Stickygram, a company that turns your Instagram photos into magnets. I chose my favorite Chicago shots, uploaded them to Stickygram and less than a week later, my little magnets made their way across the pond (Stickygram is based in the UK).

And I LOVE them. They are the organized, perfectly proportional answer to my front of fridge woes. It’s fun to see the Chicago love every time I am in the kitchen, know that I took those images and the memories connected to them and have my fridge not look so cluttered. I am excited to order some as gifts- at $14.99 and free shipping, I can’t think of a better personal little presie. Well done, Stickygram.

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