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The yoga kick I have been on has been all consuming but it was time to mix it up. When a friend was going to Shred 415, I figured that it was a perfect opportunity to tag along and spice my sweating up.

No lie, I will probably be sore for the rest of my life.

Here’s the deal: for an hour, you do interval training between a treadmill and weights/bench. The idea is that interval training is the best way to burn calories and tone. It changes every day but we did 9 minutes on the treadmill, 9 on the weights, back and forth for an hour…so hard, so sweaty, so awesome. Running at a massive incline at a sprint pace, hopping off to do squats and curls, back on to run up another hill, all while a very nice (full disclosure: also very cute) trainer told us “I know it hurts but don’t stop. The worst that could happen is you get better.” True in treadmills, true in life, wise trainer man.

Shred 415 pushed me to just the right edge. You adjust your own speed and weight so it’s never more than you can handle and I found myself wanting to go harder because I was seeing that I could.

Despite being sore today, I seriously cannot wait to go back. Mentally, it made me feel like a bad ass and physically, I felt like I was capable of anything. Not bad for an hour’s work.


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