Rut Busting Weekend Plans

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I need to level with you: this weekend ain’t lookin’ good. Below 20 degrees again, maybe snow and if that wind outside is any indication…yeah. No bueno. I cannot handle another weekend of hibernating (or questionable shoe choices in snow banks) so let’s brainstorm, bust out of our Chiberia weather ruts and make this weekend awesome, shall we?

Eataly: just going to dinner isn’t going to cut it- you need food built into an activity to make it worth venturing out into the cold. Grab a glass of wine, peruse the cheese emporium, glass of wine, slice of focaccia pizza, glass of wine, salami section, Nutella bar, glass of wine. Double points for making friends at the communal tables while commiserating about the weather. Bottle of wine.

Headquarters Beercade: Awesome selection of craft beer and free arcade games. Yes, the crowd is a little weird but throw people watching into the beer-game combo and you’re adding time to this activity. Extra point.

Cooking Class: learn something new this weekend and take a class at The Chopping Block or Cook Au Vin. I am about 29 years overdue for The Chopping Block’s knife skills class so I may be taking that this weekend so Ryan stops yelling “you’re going to lose a finger!” every time I go near a knife.

Fairways: 2 words: indoor golf & old fashioneds. Okay, 4 words. Tee times are booked for this weekend already but let’s be honest, next weekend is going to be freezing too and they book 7 days in advance so make a reservation to work on that golf swing.

Olympic Viewing Parties: basically every bar in Chicago has something going on but the tater tot eating competition at Olympwick’s (i.e. Sedgwick’s), the 10 Days of burgers at Kirkwood’s and Howells and Hood’s Winter Game Flight are piquing my interest. Also, wear something patriotic while you’re at it.

House of Cards: I know, this was probably your activity last weekend but if you really want to lay low this weekend, order some pizza and pop this on. I have never better spent $7.99 a month- season 2 of this series on Netflix is legit.

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