Plan B


And sometimes, you go with Plan B.

Pretty much nothing went accordingly to plan yesterday with either of our respective days. By the time I made it to Whole Foods, that place was entirely wiped out. Not a shrimp or rose in sight, man. After reconvening in our kitchen, making a plan for how we are going to get the massive desk the delivery guys refused to bring up and left in the stairwell actually into our home, it was late, we were less than thrilled and it just did not feel like a champagne and shellfish night. We asked ourselves, looking back, how would we want to say we spent the Valentine’s Day before we were married and there was one answer:

Tots. Beer.

So to the corner bar we went. Tots (cheese sauce included, because it was a holiday and all) were ordered. A beer for him, a cider for me. Solid people watching. The Olympics. Maybe another round.

It turns out that Plan B is actually pretty awesome and because we were together, absolutely Valentine’s Day worthy.

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