Sprinkle Cheer

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My friend Katy (and when I say friend, I mean I met her a few years ago, she is such a shining beacon of positivity, we follow and like the heck out of each other’s posts on social media and we ran into each other on Wabash last year in the exact same outfit. I am talking matching hat even. And we’re both obsessed with Christmas. So basically, this chick is amazefest USA) shared last week an experience she had walking home from work on the LaSalle Street bridge. It was 1 degree out and she offered a homeless man her tea, which was half empty because, well, that 1 degree thing. He accepted it gladly and by the time she got home, she knew she had to get back to that bridge so with her husband, a coat and earmuffs, she returned. And then she posted about it on Instagram.

The point to me telling you this story is that Katy had a gut feeling to bring some good cheer to someone and she acted on it. We’re all nice people but how often do you think you should do something nice and it just passes you by? The action part of Katy’s story really hit me. It prompted me to finally introduce myself to the man who sells Street Wise in front of my neighborhood Starbucks and buy one. It prompted me to make some cookies to bring to girlfriends later today to let them know I heart them on this lovey day. And Ryan and I are working on something that will, hopefully, help some kids in our community.

And all of these conversations started because of Katy, social media sharing and a gut feeling to Sprinkle Cheer.

I dig it.

And I’m gonna do it.

#SprinkeCheer, friends! And Happy ❤️ Day!

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