How About a Hump Day Treat?

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Wine, mani/pedis and Sex and the City are among my favorite things in the world and there’s a place in Old Town that apparently lives in my head.

Tonight, my nails got did, someone brought me wine repeatedly from a full bar and I watched episodes 1-3 from season 1 of SATC. Oh and I made some new friends because frankly, who doesn’t want to be friends with other girls who are clearly awesome with their taste in personal upkeep, alcohol and the television series that defined our generationand are sitting next to you enjoying the shit out of their evenings. Tonight was just what the doctor ordered.

Abre Nails– how did I not know about you before???


Essie Chinchilly and some ridiculous blue that is amazing because it’s freezing out again and I don’t have any damns left to give and just wanted something interesting to look at on my feet in yoga.

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