Elle on the River: Thumbs Up

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Sneak peak. Tacos. Punch. The Langham.

That’s basically all I heard before I accepted an invitation to check out Elle on the River, The Langham’s new outdoor concept that opens on Thursday. The short story is that they are offering 4 tacos, 3 punches and Ell-e’s, which are popsicles on creamy pillows of joy, basically.

The long story is that Elle is an extension of everything that is amazing about The Langham and Travelle– the impeccable service, the inventive drinks, outstanding food- and puts it with an outdoor gazing view of the river and the skyline. And the taco shells are made out of chickpea flatbreads. And they are glorious. The punch is great too- who doesn’t love punch????

So…if you need me this summer, I will be sunning myself at Elle on the River, a taco in one hand, a glass of gin punch in the other. What a great addition to the river- you nailed it again, Chef Tim!

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