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Do you guys read The Skimm? I have been obsessed with it since last summer so I figured it was high time to share it with you. The Skimm is a daily email newsletter that gives me basically everything I need to know about what’s happening in the news…all in the time it takes me to scroll through the¬†email. It’s like having your super smart, well informed friend give you a succinct rundown of the things.

I consider myself to be pretty aware of what’s happening in this world we live in but The Skimm has been a gamechanger, allowing me to know a huge breadth of information in a few minutes. It’s the jam and I feel like I learn so much every day.

If you’re interested, you can sign up here.

(this is not a sponsored post, I just really, really love reading The Skimm every morning!)



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  1. Lisa B

    I am also more-than-slightly obsessed with theSkimm! I seriously don’t get out of bed in the morning until I’m done reading it, and then I suddenly feel so much smarter and ready to start my day.

    1. ninainthechi

      Thanks so much for sharing Briefing with me! I hadn’t heard of it but it looks fantastic- another great resource, thank you!

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