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Cookies are good but Chicago flag cookies are great. I had this little guy at an event last Friday and am trying to track down its origin because it was really, really great.

Speaking of cookies, I have a pretty high pressure work trip tomorrow and I want to eat all of the cookies, like all of the cookies in the world right now. I am well prepared for the trip and it’s only a 24 hour jaunt but I am sweating it. Please send cookies and, after Thursday evening, wine.

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  1. Shawn Aranha

    All The Best on your business trip, Nina. I ran the Chicago Marathon this past Sunday and was looking for information on The Soldier Field 10 Mile when I found your blog and posts about both races and other great things about Chicago, which I found charming and informative.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    All The Best.


    P.S. Save some cookies, and wine, to celebrate with after your successful trip.

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    1. JustaChiTownGirl

      Congratulations on your marathon! Amazing! The Soldier Field 10 is one of my favorite races (running in Chicago is just plain amazing!) so I definitely recommend that one too.

      And thank you- looking forward to toasting the weekend, that’s for sure!

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