Zoodles and a Gluten-Free Update

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When I decided in January to go gluten-free, it was to see if a change in my diet would have any affect on how I was feeling- lethargic after I ate, stomach pains and overall just not great.

And the answer is absolutely yes.

Now almost 2 months in, I am seeing the food I eat feel like actual fuel, I have noticeably more energy (which is saying something with this weather) and my stomach issues are all but gone.

Now, because I don’t have celiac disease/gluten won’t hurt me, hurt me, when I have wanted a piece of pizza or real pasta on weekends, I have gone for it. With the exception of the night of grilled cheese and craft beer (hello, middle of the night agony), it’s been fine and I’ve enjoy the balance.

However, because there are SO many options when going out and I have found new recipes I love, I am finding that choosing gluten-free is actually becoming my choice. It makes me feel good and I genuinely enjoy the foods I am eating. And it’s fun. Why?

Because zoodles.

Zucchini Noodles = Zoodles.

And I thought spaghetti squash was radical…now I have 2 options when I want g-free Italian goodness.

Step 1: spiral whole zucchini with a spiraler- mine is GEFU.


Step 2: season with salt and pepper; cook for 3-4 minutes, tossing until fully cooked.


Step 3: Top your zoodles with your topping of choice. For me, that meant steamed kale and marinara sauce.

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  1. andthenibegan

    dang. the fact that you have a spiraler really makes me think it’s time I step up my game. I just got my first all-clad pan and girl, let me tell you about omelets.

    thanks for the zoodle inspiration.

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