Zoo Lights!

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Spiked Starbucks in hand, we walked up through the Gold Coast, through the snow covered fields in Lincoln Park, the water conservatory where geese were landing by moonlight (true story- these things came outta nowhere!) and finally to the Lincoln Park Zoo. Ryan and I could see the lights from a distance but once inside, Zoo Lights far surpassed any expectation we could have had.


Every branch of every tree was a technicolor dream. Christmas music was blaring from every speaker and kids were making snow balls and tackling each other in the newly snowy open areas. Some exhibits were open and the cats were kind enough to share their House with the big guy- Santa!


The entire thing was amazing. I cannot believe I have lived here for so long and never been to Zoo Lights before! Strolling through my favorite neighborhoods on a crisp, cold night with my favorite person to go bask in holiday gloriousness…well, last night climbed the ranks of the best holiday memories.

Zoo Lights goes until January 1st so there’s still time! Go!


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