Yoga, Veggies, Sleep. Repeat.

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I am in the middle of a big work project. It’s culminating in the next week so while we are in the home stretch, there’s a still very busy, stressful week ahead. Getting sick or actually feeling stressed is not an option so I have a game plan.

Yoga. Veggies. Yoga. Sleep. Water. Yoga.

I know myself. If I want my body to hang in there and my brain to stay sharp, I have to take really, really good care of it. So my breaks are coming in the form of taking a class. I grab juices with beets, spinach and tons of other goodness squeezed in them. I am making sure my regular 8 hours a night of sleep is happening. I stay hydrated. And then I go to yoga again.

I am going to a workshop tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited spend 3 hours on my mat.

I am convinced that this regimen is vital to both this project being successful and me being in one piece after it is done. I like to think I care for myself pretty well on a regular basis but taking my health so seriously right now feels fantastic that I am going to try to be more intentional going forward.

The next 10 days are in the bag. Bring it.

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